Facility Policies

– Reservations are made through Nucore. There are no cancellation fees, though I do ask that you cancel your unwanted reservations ASAP  as a courtesy to other users.

– There is a minimum charge of one hour of instrument use.

– There is no charge to use Jade, ICDD  database or any other facility software.

– You should transfer your data files at the time of collection(email, flash-drive, etc.) If you do not, when you log onto the instrument later, Nucore will bill you; contact Jerry to remove this charge.

– Normal facility hours of operation are weekdays 7:30 AM-6:00 PM. Northwestern users are permitted 24/7 access. For after hours use, the facility uses the Indala Wildcard system; see manager. Non-Northwestern users are limited to weekdays 9am-4pm only.

– All users are required to successfully complete the Office for Research Safety “X-ray Safety Certification” course and wear an assigned x-ray dosimeter ring badge when operating any x-ray instrument.